Tracks of the year 2017

Here they are. My tracks of the year. A listicle of opinions lost in the maelstrom of troll farms and needless anger that is internet 2017. But I do bloody love all this music.

Joe Goddard – Home

This track must be good because the production is all over the place, and despite that it makes the list. With a chorus built around a late 70s Brainstorm disco-funk vocal hook and Joe getting on the mic in the verses, it’s a classic Goddard house bumper.

Beck – I’m So Free

This is fun Beck, not mellow Beck (though they’re both good). One of the rockier numbers on the new album, it’s Beck opening up the taps on the distortion pedals with abandon. Still my favourite Scientologist.

Vince Staples – Crabs in a Bucket

Thanks A-Trak for making me discover Vince Staples. This, the first track on his last album, has some 90s Smith and Mighty vibes to it (and that’s why it’s great). Keep keepin’ on St. Vincent.

Kendrick Lamar ft. U2 – XXX

If like me you’re a hiphop fan but not an obsessive, you’ll probably have your favourite era, and it’ll be difficult to shake you out of believing that however much you like the new stuff it’ll never touch the classics. “The greatest time for MCs has passed”, blah blah.

Well now. Throw all that nonsense out the window. Kendrick Lamar Duckworth is a genius and one of the best to ever do it, and DAMN isn’t even his best album. Like a fool I read the track listing of DAMN and thought ‘pff, these simple, one word track titles in capitals won’t have the layers of meaning and depth of his magnum opus, To Pimp a Butterfly’.

Talk about judging an album by its cover.

While DAMN shows a different side to Kendrick’s soul this is still a masterpiece and thankfully Bono hardly features.

DJ Zinc – Slippy Boots

Born Slippy with a speed Garage bassline.

Prince – 1999 (Alkalino edit)

1999 with a longer intro.